beach2 Howth fishing boat

At the beginning of 2011 I moved to Galway, Ireland to study abroad for one semester, which would change my life forever.

Not wanting to leave at the end of the semester in May, I stayed through the summer (the worst Irish summer they had in fifty years – but it was still fun) until I had to move back to finish my last year of college.

In August 2011 I flew home to Connecticut for two weeks, then flew down to Charleston, SC to complete my degree.

After a crazy hectic year back in the States, during my last semester of college I found myself applying for a year-long visa to live in Ireland.

Working all summer, I saved up and prepared to head back to Ireland, this time moving to the big city… Dublin. Time trickled by but all of a sudden it became October, and I had to say goodbye for now to all my family and friends.

I had six months before my visa expired and two days before its expiration date, I flew back to Ireland with the heaviest two suitcases you would ever see.

Growing up in the Northeast of the States, “The City” to me will always be New York City, and it will always be the best city in the world.

However, after studying abroad I knew I wanted to live new places, explore and figure out where I liked best, not just because I grew up near there.

Now, today marks the day that I have lived in Dublin for nine months!


Dublin was never a place I’d wanted to move, to be honest, but now that I have lived here I absolutely love it.

The more I explore, the more I find and the longer my to-see and to-do list grows.

When I studied abroad, I kept a blog with my different travels and adventures and I love being able to look back to see where I’ve gone. It’s only been just over two years, but I’m starting to forget!

I miss having a place to post photos and descriptions of what I’ve seen so I think it’s time to start one for Dublin.

Saturdays have been determined as adventure days in our household, so here I’ll be able to record all of the explorations we go on. Hopefully keep a record of all I’ve enjoyed and been to in Dublin, Ireland and beyond.


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