_MG_0021This weekend adventure started off just as that, a proper adventure.

We packed our bags Thursday night so straight after work on Friday we could take off and go camping somewhere. With no destination in mind other than south of Dublin, we drove with pop-up tent in the boot of the car.

Friday driving down the motorway it was pouring. I’m talking lashing rain. And we were actually still going to camp. At least that was a plan.

After a little off-roading (Frank’s very proud of his four-wheel drive car) we found ourselves looking at our map on the coast of County Wexford. Frank recognized the name of a little village called Courtown, so that’s where we decided to drive to.

As we drove on the coast, the skies cleared and we turned out to have a lovely evening. We drove all around looking for a campsite and couldn’t find a place anywhere. After giving up on the camping idea, we found a really cute B&B called the Harbour B&B and it was very cute, we had a massive room. The shower was lovely, the bed was nice and comfortable and we had a massive lovely breakfast in the morning.

So that Friday night we set-up camp instead at the local pub, the 19th Hole, which is highly recommended if you ever find yourself near. The bartenders were extremely friendly, really well knowledgeable and they had delicious pints. There was a group of sailors in for a race on Saturday, so it was nice to talk to them, especially as Frank’s as a sailor himself.

Saturday during the day we headed to Gorey for an agricultural show, which I won’t really elaborate on too much. It was kind of like a state fair, but with a sheep demonstration, prize-winning cattle and a dog show. We however got to play a few games and even did a little archery.

The real star of this Saturday adventure was on the way back home to Dublin. We stopped in Glendalough, this little village in County Wicklow.

Glendalough translates loosely to ‘valley of two lakes’ and it is beautiful. Here, I’ll let the photos do the talking._MG_0053_MG_0084_MG_0142_MG_0132_MG_0111_MG_9988_MG_0129Logistics: Go to Glendalough during the summer!!!! Seriously. I went briefly during December and it felt just barren. Besides the beautiful lakes, the green is really just mesmerizing. I think if you went during the middle of winter if there was snow it would be gorgeous, but without it might just be quite cold and brown.

Also, if you go to Glendalough, drive through Sally Gap. It goes throughout the Wicklow mountains and is just wonderful. We didn’t end up arriving to Glendalough until around five, so unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to drive back through, but trust me do it. We went last year and it was fantastic even in winter.

If you’re into hiking/walking, there’s the Wicklow Way, which as I’ve been told offers some fantastic views from the mountains. Later this summer I cannot wait to go back and do some hiking, we already were scouting out camping spots around there. This time, we’ll actually use our tent.


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