Dublin, lately


_MG_9823Sometimes I get really, really homesick. I miss all of the comforts of home, especially my family, with whom I am very close to.

When I was in college, I was a 15-hour drive away, so I really only went home a few times a year, but at least then I had the comforts of Annie’s mac & cheese to turn to when I miss my family.

Here, in Ireland, it’s definitely a bit tough. Since I’ve lived here before, I understand the culture (for the most part) and have adapted to the food, etc. But sometimes, you just want some velveeta cheese dip! If only there was a few hours drive away…

Last week, I was super homesick. I talked to my ma for a few minutes and just wanted to cry because I missed her too much!

But I digress, as this week I’m reminded why I’m here and why I first fell in love with Ireland.

Dublin can be so wonderful during the summer. This week has already been monumental:

  1. Monday: I found my favourite (I know, there’s a “u” in there!) store full of cards, washi tape and all of the other dorky letterpress things I love. Huge win in my book as I was spoiled in Charleston for these kinds of stores.
  2. Tuesday: I found a place that does actual iced coffee!! Anywhere I’ve tried here just has kind of a whipped coffee milkshake, think frappucino but slushier… not great. But, just five minutes from my office there’s a coffee shop that has iced coffee with just coffee, milk and ice. It’s no Dunkin’ Donuts but hey, it’s the little things.
  3. Wednesday: just outside my office I joined over 500 people on an afternoon lunch cycle in the sun for Dublin’s bike to work day. It was such a fun break to the week and some people wore crazy outfits.
  4. Thursday: during the summer here it stays light outside until around 10 o’clock. Last night it was the perfect weather, a slight breeze, perfect for jeans and a t-shirt, cotton-candy skies and wonderful.
  5. Today: I have the day off from work as I really have needed to be productive. I walked into the post office, one of the main ones in Dublin as I live right in the city centre, and there’s a full concert choir singing from the balcony. It was beautiful and such a little surprise to brighten my day.
  6. Tonight: a friend of ours gave us extra tickets to a comedy club and I couldn’t be more excited – as I’ve never actually seen live comedy before.

Dublin can be full of surprises and the community really is so involved.

Also, in almost exactly one month, I’ll be joining my family in Barcelona for a week!!!!!

So to finish my productive day I am continuing my obsessive research on activities/things to see/eat/drink/do in a place I’ve wanted to visit for years and years. If you have any tips for Barcelona, please do send them along as I’d love a personal insight.

Just to close with a bit of evidence of the perfect summer evening here, the below photo was taken at 9:30 a few weeks ago:IMAG0026


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