dublin instagrams

There are so many fantastic things about Instagram I can’t even begin. For me, it’s great to stay connected with all my friends back home, but it’s also so fun to see what other Dubliners are doing. I also like to follow Irish bloggers who live here because they all seem to be doing the most fun things that this city offers.

Here’s a few of my Instagrams in Dublin recently:

  1. The Blessington Basin is just a five minute walk from our apartment, and is a great little place to escape the feeling of a city, as it’s a 1/4 mile loop around a sweet little pond with wildlife and beautiful flowers.
  2. Walking over the O’Connell Bridge (the main bridge connecting the north and south sides of the city) I took the top middle photo – where it can be very calm and lovely.
  3. Another  from the Blessington Basin – there’s gorgeous greenery here and perfect for an evening run.
  4. The double rainbow is just actually at my main bus stop and my mind was blown! You actually do see rainbows quite often in Dublin – but I mean a double rainbow is still legit.
  5. Next is actually right where I work, which is a really nice place to have an office. It’s right on the canal and it fills up during the summer. It’s tough to find a seat outside on a sunny day, especially since right around the corner are the two main Google office buildings… it gets packed with people.
  6. A really nice place to visit is the National War Memorial Gardens, where Frank and I spent a sunny afternoon walking around. This is also where Dublin’s rowing club is located, so it’s soothing to watch the boats go by and there’s always dogs running around to play with.

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