An Irish fourth of July

july4.1 july4.2
I love the fourth of July. It’s a day meant just for fun, independence, being outside and eating a lot of delicious-and-bad-for-you food.

This will be my second not in the states – at least it wasn’t two years in a row – and it always just makes me a little sad!

This was my first working in an office on the holiday and boy was it depressing. However, I combated that depression by making a s’mores pie. I used this recipe, tweaked it a little bit and mine turned out like this, not too bad! I brought the pie into work so the Irish could have a bit of a celebration with me and they all thought I was crazy because it was so sugary.

My boss kindly let me leave a little early to enjoy a bit of sunshine, so I decided to take a cycle over to the American embassy just a few minutes away from my office. A friend told me they do parties, etc. on the fourth in other countries so I went to investigate.

Let me tell you, the place was completely closed! I was sad, I wanted a party. I’d always love to spend the fourth with family and friends, sitting by a lake after a day out on the boat drinking beers. While Ireland’s great and clearly I am by some body of water – it’s just not the same.

So this weekend I scavenged all around Dublin and found some great American products. You would be amazed by how much American food costs here. A box of fruit loops is over €10/$13 and a box of pop tarts will cost you at least €6/$7.75. I shelled out some hard earned euro when I found Skippy peanut butter €7 and a tub of Fluff €4 – but man… was that pb&Fluff sandwich perfection!

If you’re an ex-pat like me living in Dublin – I’ve found the high end shops here have a little America section. You can buy Betty Crocker baking items, Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips (I want to buy these but I cannot bring myself to pay €7.50 for just a half bag of the usual size back home), American cereal, etc.

Fallon & Byrne has the widest (and most expensive) selection I’ve found so far. Other spots include Donnybrook Fair, Powerscourt Estate and random candy shops around town feature American products too. Here’s a great list of places. You can buy some online too but again the prices are outrageous, I need to save it for when I ‘m really homesick.

Also, if you live in Ireland and know a place I can buy Annie’s Mac & Cheese I will be forever grateful.

If you happen to live in America and want to send me some mac & cheese, I mean we can be best friends for life and I will send you lots of delicious Irish candy in return.


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