What not to do in Glendalough

IMG_3353Remember when I posted about my lovely visit to the beautiful place with the lake, Glendalough?

Well since we had such a good time, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to head back there to camp for the night. Have a lovely fire, wake up to a beautiful view and have a refreshing morning swim.

After attending the World Street Performance Championships in Merrion Square (which was a sight to see) we packed the car and headed out to County Wicklow.

By the time we stopped for snacks, beers and a fire starter bag, we didn’t actually get to Glendalough until just after nine. Luckily, during summer in Ireland it actually stays light until after ten at night!

We went for a quick look at the water then decided to find a place to camp.

Really, we should have “paid attention” to the signs that were extremely clear – no fires, no tents, no overnight parking. I think our thoughts were that we weren’t going to be right in the park, so it’ll be grand! We hauled all of our gear to the perfect little clearing right next to the water around ten and thought this is perfect.

One thing to know about Ireland in the summer is that these little tiny insects called midges are EVERYWHERE. Like, hundreds of thousands swarm you and they are so tiny that they are invisible and it is miserable. They bite you and if you itch them, it just makes it worse. I thought mosquitos are bad but these midges are terrible!

To combat the midges, we jumped in the lake and the water was just perfect. A bit chilly, but there’s actually been a heat wave here in Dublin (around 85 fahrenheit, 27 celsius) so it was actually extremely refreshing.

We swam for a little while then while it was still dark we began to start the fire, hoping the smoke would send away the midges. So there we all are, sitting eating some snacks and drinking a beer after we finally get the fire going all happy as can be. It gets dark, the midges are gone and we couldn’t be happier.

Then, we see a flashlight and a voice saying you need to move on NOW.

And that’s how we got kicked out of Glendalough. Please, do not camp there – it will be a complete failure.

It will be sad when you get all comfortable then a park ranger takes the coals you spent over an hour trying to start a fire and puts them in the lake. It will be sad carrying all of your crap back to the car in the dark when you’re still slightly damp from the swim.

It will be sad when you go to a few different campsites after only to realize they close at dusk.  It will be sad when you don’t get to stop on the morning home for my favorite pub food. It will definitely be sad when  you have to head back to Dublin.

However, we still had the loveliest swim, still had a few cold beers, ate delicious snacks and attempted to camp! I’m an optimist what can I say.

So I tell you don’t go there to camp, but do go at dusk in the summer for a swim, it will absolutely be unforgettable.


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