Parc Güell


My next few posts will be all about my trip to Barcelona and I hope you guys enjoy them!

Let’s talk about Parc Güell and how this place is unreal. Commissioned by Eusebi Güell, architect Antoni Gaudí and built the park during 1900 to 1914 incorporating Catalan nationalism, and elements from religious mysticism and ancient poetry.

You have to kind of hike to get up to the park, but this height offers gorgeous views of the city. The main terrace is surrounded by a beautiful mosaic tile, providing a beautiful little centre for people to socialize.

The park is massive (one of the largest southern European parks) and is extremely popular. We went right in the middle of the day around 2pm so it was quite hot, but there are wonderful little parts all throughout offering shade and a place to sit for a minute.

I was searching for a certain part of the park which we never ended up finding (still annoyed!) so if you do go I recommend bringing some type of map because you could definitely get lost/miss what you’d want to see. Also I would love to go back either late in the evening at 8:30pm or early in the morning to have a quieter way to enjoy the park.


We went to visit the Gaudí museum as well, which is set-up in a house where he lived while designing the project. I’m not sure it was worth the €5, because it didn’t really have all that much inside the museum. The grounds around the museum/house are free and are beautiful, so I’d say that would suffice if I do go back.


Logistics: For one day we took the hop-on hop-off bus for just over €20 (which we affectionately nicknames the HOHO) which dropped us off right at the base of the park. I’d recommend this for one day, as it helped us get the lay of the city and walking around I pretty much could figure out which direction we need to go, etc. I also have to be honest and let you know that the park’s not really right in the middle of the city. I believe  a metro can easily take you to the base however, so I would say that’s your best bet if not on the bus.

If you’re there during the summer it would be a long way to walk from the city centre up to the park, then you will be walking all throughout the park. You’d definitely need a siesta. We had a full day (really every minute was pretty much planned) so we couldn’t afford to be tired!

Definitely a highlight though of our trip and I couldn’t have imagined going to Barcelona and not seeing this park. I would go again in a heartbeat!


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