World Swimming Championships


So remember when I hinted about some very interesting (well to me) characters that we saw in Barcelona the night before the Magic Fountain?

Well, the three of us happened to be in Barcelona while the World Swimming Championships were taking place! And man, was it unreal. We had some extra time on Sunday and were literally at the base of the pool and thought we have to go.

Barcelona hosted the 1992 summer Olypmics so the city has incredible stadiums, perfect pools and all of this plus awesome views. The games all included both open water and pool swimming + diving. The high-dives were all right at the top of Montjuic, giving gorgeous views of Barcelona.

We got to hang out at the “water village” for a few hours before the first night of swimming started and had a blast drinking rosé and beer, and eating tasty tapas.

Around 6.30 we entering the pool stadium and it was incredible! Worlds is a huge deal. Jess and I grew up swimming (since we were six!) and it’s definitely in our blood. We were never a big deal or anything, but we both tried really hard and I absolutely loved my team growing up, a real addition to our childhood. So seeing the top swimmers in the world was really inspiring and spectacular.

There were a few relays on and a few incredible races, and we just had the best time. Our mom kind of took a little siesta (it happens when it’s so warm!) but we had so much fun when USA won a few races. I love seeing the swimmers get teary when they’re raising the flags.

_MG_0628_MG_0606_MG_0671That’s the USA girls walking out for their relay…_MG_0730And that’s the USA women accepting their gold medal!!_MG_0747

See! We’re there! BCN 2013. It was great. On the top of Montjuic they also have free tours of the athletics stadium that’s pretty cool to see. Basically we loved Montjuic! There was also a cable car you could take which I wish we had a chance to. Next time though, for sure.




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