Clew Bay

Hello friends.

Just a very quick post to break up a little of the Barcelona posts. This weekend I was in the beautiful county of Mayo and it was spectacular.

Although it rained off and on, we still had a fabulous weekend at Frank’s holiday house in Mulranny.

We went swimming in the rain at Keel on Achill Island, drank several pints at Doherty’s in town (watching a hilarious “take me out” night in the pub).

We then went swimming again in Mulranny and then again drank a few pints at Doherty’s to watch the Mayo-Tyrone GAA football match where Mayo won! They’re through to the finals and now we’ll attempt to find tickets for the match at Croke Park in Dublin, which will be difficult to do.

However – the highlight of our trip was an evening fishing on Clew Bay. I haven’t been fishing in ages (maybe ten years!) so we caught a big bin full of mackeral, which was quite fun. Frank probably caught half of all we took in so he was a happy guy.

I took a little video from the water I wanted to share here. Could we have a more perfect setting? Ireland you’re too good.

xx Lucy


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