Studying in Ireland


So, you’ve thought about studying in Ireland have you?

Well, you probably… no wait… definitely should. Obviously my experience in just one semester in Galway, Ireland, changed my life (as I’m now back to Ireland living and working in Dublin) but I think it’s a wonderful way to experience a new culture.

Recently, I started writing a few posts for and my first article – ‘How to Study Abroad in Ireland’ was posted last week. To read a little bit more about studying in Ireland, you can check out the post here.

Over the new few weeks I’ll have a few other posts I’m excited about (12 things to do while visiting Dublin, how-to’s of moving abroad) so you can check out my author page here to follow along.

If the post peeked your interest enough, I also wrote a blog while studying in Galway where you can find more about specifically studying in Galway (it is from early 2011, so it might be a bit outdated, but gives you a general idea!).




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