Dear friends

_MG_0240Dear friends,

I’m sorry it has been so long, I am the worst.

I have no excuse… well okay I have a million excuses, but one should never be too busy to update on life.

There’s over 300 photos in my LightRoom that I have yet to edit from the summer (I know it’s October again, I’m the worst) but I just wanted to check-in to say I’m alive.

The photo from above was taken at the Josh Ritter show at the Galway Arts Festival this summer (before I went to Barcelona, again again the worst) and it was fantastic.

Anyway, since I’ve last written lots have happened.

I officially am allowed to stay in Ireland for another year!! The amount of stress the past 5 months of waiting on my visa application really wore on me and I am so relieved it’s all over (read a little more about it all here). We have been celebrating excessively since.

I hope to write a really good long post about what I’ve been through in my immigration struggles, because it’s something you can’t just ask someone about. I secretly want to ask all Americans who I meet who live in Ireland… how the hell are you allowed to stay here?!

But you can’t really do that. So I’d like to write a post soon talking about my experience because maybe it’ll help someone out there. I also am writing for (mentioned earlier here) and am working up a post of logistics to moving abroad, which again could maybe  possibly help someone out there.

Anyway. I will have more soon. I really promise, or at least I hope to because I like this space. Also – the fall in Dublin is unreal and it needs to be shared. Pity I don’t write poetry because Phoenix Park here is heaven.

Follow along on instagram if you like, I think every other photo I have is of the Irish autumn.

Lots of love,



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