Are you on Pinterest?

Travel Pinterest boardsHello friends! I have a question for you… are you on Pinterest?

One of my favorite ways to plan for a trip is to pin anything and everything I see on the internet while researching my said destination. Last year when we went to Barcelona, my sister and I had a board dedicated to planning, which I think is perfect because it’s entirely visually. This helps me to remember what I want to see and do, but there isn’t a chance I could do it all. But it’s great if you have a few hours one afternoon while traveling.

I have a few trips coming up soon (London this weekend and Edinburgh this summer) and I’ve been pinning away like crazy. My new favorite feature is the ‘related pins’ part and where they say ‘this pin is also on this board!’

So I figured, there must be loads of you out there pinning fabulous places for me to travel to, so wanted to reach out and ask! Let me know if you’re on Pinterest… I want to see what you’re pinning!



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