Mannin Bay, Connemara









A couple of weeks ago we went and stayed at our friends’ grandmother’s cottage out in Connemara.

I still completely don’t understand how Connemara is laid out and I forget pretty much every town name there, but all I know is I have some of the best times there. It’s part of the Wild Atlantic West and it truly lives up to the name.

It’s rugged, it’s coastline is ever changing and the weather can turn on you in a matter of seconds. But when the weather is good…. it’s just so good.

We seriously lucked out as the weather can be so hit or miss in August (let alone any other time of the year) but we had sun, warmth and even went swimming. So we took advantage of one of the good summer days and went for a wonderful little hike throughout Mannin Bay, just outside of Clifden.

Now I’m 80% sure this is where we were hiking, but as I mentioned before I cannot seem to remember any of the names around Connemara. A brief search online to find a map for the actual loop (to save and remember again, or if you’re interested) and I couldn’t really find much other than a link to a long list of hikes and walks around Connemara. But my pictures look quite similar, don’t they?

Overall it took us maybe just over two hours and it was so worth walking along the coast. Sometimes I forget that I actually do live in a different country and I know I’m totally taking it for granted while I’m still here.

Sometimes it takes getting out of the normal everyday to slap me into remembering the beautiful country that I’m living in. This was one of those trips and highly recommended if you find yourself in the area. So let’s just daydream over to this hike instead of being at our desks, shall we?


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