The new lunch break


In the hopes of saving a bit of cash and being a bit healthier, I’ve been bringing my lunch in to work with me.

This is absolutely not revolutionary and has been really great, but at the same time I’ve been missing getting out of the office for an hour and taking a break from reading and staring at my screen.

At my last job, we had a lovely kitchen area where you could sit during lunch away from your desk and getting a little break. But my new office doesn’t have a kitchen area so that automatically means sitting at my desk to eat lunch.

Now I’m never going to be able to be one of those people who sits at my desk and reads a book or watches Netflix, I’d never be able to relax because I’d be thinking about all the other stuff I need to do.

So I’ve started to eat my lunch at my desk a half hour while working before I’d normally head out to lunch – but then still leave the office for the hour. Weather permitting I’ve been walking around Dublin (trying to avoid the massive swarm of tourists, is there way more this year or is it just me?) and listening to a new podcast.

Again, so not revolutionary and I’m totally late to the game on this one, but this hour of listening is totally becoming the bright spots of my week.

In the interest of sharing this new found love (okay, obsession… I think everyone’s waiting for me to shut up about podcasts now, years late to the game) I rounded up my 6 favorite podcasts as of late.

Please share any and other podcasts that you’re a fan of as I’m already flying through the ones below. Also shout out to Jess for telling me basically all of these, she’s the best sister.

  1. Anna Faris is unqualified – all are great, but the ones with Aubrey Plaza and Chris Evans & Jenny Slate had me laughing out loud, I probably looked completely insane
  2. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – Elie Kemper had me smiling ear to ear and telling everyone to go listen to it
  3. The Nerdist – I have a huge crush on Chris Hemsworth so the one with him and Jessica Chastain I loved
  4. Planet Money – this is the one that I throw out in work conversations to sound smarter, i.e. Planet Money Workout
  5. WTF with Marc Maron – loved the one with Broad City girls Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer
  6. Adam Buxton Podcast – favorite one was with Rob Delaney… also go watch Catastrophe now, I promise it’s great, only 2 seasons so far and each season only takes 2 hours to watch


PS. I’ve been downloading all of these onto the Overcast app so I don’t have to use up all my data to stream everything. I found it super difficult to find a good app so I’d love to know, do you use an app for your podcasts? Which app do you use?


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