Bullock Harbour


There are a few places in Dublin that I go to all of the time. Bullock Harbour in Dalkey is one of them.I forget to take pictures because I’m by there so often and sometimes after you’ve visited a place once its magic is a little bit gone. I always am way less likely to snap another picture because it might be the same as the others.

This summer while I was training for my very first olympic distance triathlon, I headed down to Dalkey a lot. My bike rides ranged anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hrs 30 mins, so the distance got tough to make while trying to avoid massive hills.

Dalkey is about a 20 minute cycle from my apartment, so made the perfect destination for me on the shorter bike rides. I was always meant to do the training cycles continuously but I couldn’t help but stop and have a sit at the harbour.

It offered a sense of peace along with a disgusting smell of fish, to keep you grounded you know? After living in Ireland now almost 4 full years, a lot of times I forget that this place can offer a sense of magic… even to the same place you’ve been a bunch of times before.

Just last night in the 80 degree weather I found a set of rocks to climb that I never even noticed before. As I walked out there was a couple guys tight rope walking across the little pier and a big sheepdog on the other corner swimming out to catch his ball. It was such a moment of peace.

I’ve shared a picture or two here and there of my Dalkey moments, but I felt like it was time to give it a proper shout out. So Dalkey, you’re beautiful. I hope one day I can have my own dog so I can take you here one day soon.

Dalkey 2

Dalkey 3


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