The joy that is Skerries


Today I’m gonna talk to you about this sweet little seaside village about 40 minutes north of Dublin city, Skerries. It’s still in Dublin county, but it reaches quite far north that it’s getting closer and closer to county Meath.

Frank and I had been to Skerries one other time before, but it was right when I moved to Dublin so had really no context or geographic sense at all. At that time we were living on the north side of the city, so we just kind of explored anything that was within a 30 minute drive. We would set out for a spin with really no idea where we were headed.

It was less than four years ago, but I really miss that time. Pre-insta-obsession. Pre-smartphone. Pre-yelp. In some ways I really miss just jumping in the car with no direction and stopping at wherever looks nice. Now I don’t want to waste an opportunity and obsessively research a place before I go, making sure to find the best this… the best that.

Anyway – back to Skerries and what brought me back north again. For those of you that may not know (which is probably quite few as I’ve told basically everyone, sorry friends) I recently completed my very first Olympic distance triathlon. I had done a couple smaller triathlons in the past couple years, but this time I was going the distance… literally.

So it made sense to do the Dublin City Triathlon. Although the River Liffey was literally a black river of reeds, I really, really enjoyed participating this… especially in Dublin. It was so nice not to wake up crazy early and drive (mind you, we still had to wake up at 6am… we went to Tralee three years ago and that was 3am) just 30 minutes in the quiet city to Phoenix Park.

After four months of training, where I actually properly trained, didn’t just go out for a run occasionally… I’m talking six sessions a week and many brick sessions, I finished! And it went great! Way faster than I thought and thank god I didn’t get hit by a deer like one of the very unlucky participants (thank god he’s fine).

As food is literally what I think about 80% of the day, I knew after this 3+ hour race I was gonna be starving, burning off a ton of calories and deserving in my mind, a very tasty pile of food. It is kind of embarrassing to say, but I spent a ton of time thinking of where I’d want to eat and what type of food I’d want to shove into my mouth. Naturally, I thought wings and steak. So this is where Skerries comes in.

I had been wanting to eat at Blue Bar in Skerries since I saw this insta because those chicken wings look seriously amazing. THEN I saw the restaurant + perfect Skerries photos on my friend Alyse’s blog and immediately said, you in? So to make this (albeit pretty short) journey I felt it had to be worth it, and a post-triathlon meal made the perfect excuse for a trip up. I had several kind friends come out to watch the triathlon so we all went up and had a SERIOUS feed (as per below). Followed by amazing ice cream (as above) at the tiniest, cutest little shop Storm in a Teacup.


We also lucked out with absolutely amazing weather. It was a perfect afternoon, one of those evenings where I don’t think anyone wanted it to end. Shame it had to be Sunday! A long lunch turned into ice cream turned into laying on the grass trying to get all the dogs to come and hang out with us. Here’s a couple pics of the view from the grass. If you ever get a chance make it out to Skerries if you have a few spare hours, it makes for the perfect Saturday Adventure.




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