A few days spent in county Cork


Guys it’s been a hundred years. Okay that’s drastic, but a solid year and a half.

I kind of forgot about this space, but then I remembered those cute little balloons, how nice it was to have a little diary about a trip I loved and want to remember, so here I am. Trying again.

It’s already February 2018, how the actual shit did that happen, but sure there’s been a few adventures I’ve had in the time that’s past and let’s get them documented again!

As work has been a manic mental madness of a time lately, I’ve been in my head daydreaming about a trip we took over New Years to a place I’d really spent no time in Ireland, county Cork.

I’d been to the city a few times to visit friends, been just outside the city a handful more for work purposes (I’m not counting any of those) and other than a trip to Kinsale a few years ago, I really haven’t headed that direction much. I’d always kind of skipped over Cork to head to Kerry but I’m so happy we had a trip to spend proper time in Cork this time.



I had heard about how lovely it is in west Cork, with people talking about its stunning scenery and fantastic coastline. However since I’m so used to spending time west, along the coastline near Galway and Mayo I hadn’t really considered how different it would be a little more south.

While the scenery itself is similar to the likes of what you find in Galway (cliffs, single lane roads you think won’t ever fit your car, surprising and beautiful beaches in the middle of nowhere) but in Cork it was just much more tame.

There’s something otherworldly about spending time in the “Wesht.” The roads a little worse, the greenery a little more brown, the shrubbery a little more… all over the place. However driving throughout Cork it felt a little more organised, a little more neat. This doesn’t make it any less beautiful, just different.


We stayed in a rented apartment in Clonakility, a sizable town about an hour drive southwest of Cork city. Over New Years it was pretty quiet and granted even though you’re not guaranteed good weather at any stage of the year in Ireland, it was pretty miserable. However we still had an excellent time, could only imagine how lovely it would be with a bit more sun.

The first evening we were down we went for such a wonderful and tasty dinner at Deasy’s. Just outside of the main town, well worth a quick trip for some tasty food and seriously delicious drinks. After a few more pints in the Clonakility village, our favourite stop was clearly An Teach Beag, well worth a visit if you’re in town, we headed back to crash.



The day after we went to a quick spin out to Baltimore, went for a short walk out to some gorgeous cliffs and then as always stopped for some cake after. As we arrived at the cafe at Glebe Gardens, they let us know if we waited a few minutes we could have slices of the sponge cake just coming out of the oven. Our timing is impeccable.

On the way back we stopped by the beach everyone told me to see when I said we were heading down to Cork, the very picturesque beach of Inchydoney. As always in Ireland I’m impressed with the people who are surfing even on December 31st and living life regardless of the weather. I was way too chicken to jump in the sea, but could tell how awesome it could be given a few more degrees.

That night we went on a mini pub crawl before settling in to the institution that is De Barra’s and settled in for live music, a midnight countdown complete with party props and deciding against late night chips on the way home (which was a smart decision).

It is a great place to spend an occasion and would highly recommend a trip over. In the end we only spent two quick nights and two quick days before heading back to Dublin, but I’d love to go back and spend more time there in the summer.


And as always, with most trips in Ireland – we had a rainbow to bid us goodbye before driving back up to Dublin.


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