Deer Park






A couple months ago back in May, I went on a little solo expedition and took a little day trip up to Howth to see Deer Park.

I have been seeing Deer Park posted seemingly everywhere, specifically for the rhododendron blooms (like here and here) and was over the moon that I actually remembered in time to go while they are in bloom. They’re only around for about a month each year, and I had missed it for the past two years.

It was completely worth the little hike uphill from the dart station and I felt like I was transported to a little fairy land. The nice thing about Dublin is you can take a short train ride, mainly along the coast, to so many lovely places. I’m so thankful for that as I don’t have a car (and I really do wish I do) so at least you can get around fairly easily.

So here’s my take on the lovely blooms. I also blogged about it in a more timely manner here. It also happened to be a day when the marriage referendum was voted on and passed with a big ‘YES’ from the Irish people, allowing same sex couples to wed. What a happy day full of colour! Read a little more about the day here.

If you want to head here from Dublin city centre, take a DART from Connelly Station heading north, destination Howth. Hop out at the little station there and take a right. Walk a little less then 10 minutes and you’ll see on your left a pretty steep hill heading towards Deer Park golf course. Turn up there and walk for another 15 minutes. You’ll reach the golf course club house and from there take the path on the right of the house and it’ll lead you to the blooms. Enjoy!

P.S. It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted on this blog… but I really miss it. I love looking back and seeing things that I’ve done, especially since I’ve gone around a whole lot of Ireland and want to have the stories here… not just on iPhoto and forgotten. So here’s to more writing and sharing.


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