The best walk


One of my favorite things to do around Dublin when we have a sliver of good weather (even an hour will do!) is to hop on the DART and go for a walk.

Considering there’s about 20 nice stops along the coast, I feel at this stage I’ve done a lot of them. Without a car though, it can be quite limiting in where you can actually go – and a lot of times you have to walk a mile or more to even get to the start of the walk.

The other day we had just about 20 degree weather (almost 70 degrees in F) so I had to take hold of the Sunday and spend it outside.

So I found myself getting on the trusty DART, not entirely sure when I would get off. I knew I wanted to go north of Dublin, purely because it had been a little while. After about 30 minutes on the train, I ended up in Howth.

I’ve done a few of the walks around here before and they have a lovely market on Sundays as well as a fantastic fish & chip shop. So while no stranger to the fishing village, I had never actually done the long walk along the cliffs – called the Bog of the Frogs loop.

Let me tell you. This walk is unreal. Yes, it takes a while to get to from the train. And yes, I was definitely sweating at the end after a couple of steep sections, it was so beautiful.

I couldn’t have gotten a better day and next visitor that comes over to Dublin, if the weather is good – we’re doing this walk, so get ready.

Now I’ll stop writing and let the pictures do the talking.







Logistics: I took the DART northbound to Howth, about 30 minutes form Dublin city centre. To get to the start of the walk it’s a bit uphill and takes about 20 minutes. The walk itself takes about 2 and a half hours, and there’s not much shelter along the way, so would really only recommend this if you’re pretty sure the weather is good. But it is well worth the time spent!


3 thoughts on “The best walk

  1. I hate that I’ve never been to Ireland. Oneday… Oneday! It looks just as beautiful as I’ve always imagined it to be. πŸ™‚

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