A Youthquake

Frank and I recently moved to an apartment much closer to town. We were living a bit away from the city, not too far as only a 15 minute train or 30 minute bus away, but definitely still slightly removed from the city. At first I was super bummed we had to move, but having […]

The joy that is Skerries

Today I’m gonna talk to you about this sweet little seaside village about 40 minutes north of Dublin city, Skerries. It’s still in Dublin county, but it reaches quite far north that it’s getting closer and closer to county Meath. Frank and I had been to Skerries one other time before, but it was right […]

Top 6 places to visit on the DART line

About two and a half years ago, Frank and I moved from smack dab in the middle of Dublin city (granted not a great area but the location! ideal) to one of the little villages a short bit out of the main city centre. At first I missed the buzz of the city and was […]

The new lunch break

In the hopes of saving a bit of cash and being a bit healthier, I’ve been bringing my lunch in to work with me. This is absolutely not revolutionary and has been really great, but at the same time I’ve been missing getting out of the office for an hour and taking a break from […]